Sunday, February 02, 2003

Hey kids. I wasn't really gonna write anything this morning. I'm really beat, it's been a grueling 24 hours+ of work so far this weekend (that's out of the available 48 hours of friday and saturday), and I have another 12 hours to go, 11 hours from now. I just updated the House of Chicken & Waffles, where I posted a wacky little tidbit of a conversation that I wonder if anyone has ever partaken in. After posting that, I turned around to look out the window, and as the sun is rising in the east, the ice floes gliding across the Nissequogue River is quite a site to behold. Sometimes I love Long Island, if only for the beauty of nature and the fact that my friends are kick-ass. I wonder if I would be feeling as confident in myself and my endeavors if it weren't for them. So if you are reading this and you don't know me or care for me, blame them. HA! While I was working for the man, many of my friends were partying it down.

What I can't believe is that I haven't posted on here since Monday!!! Especially after the awesome event of the season Thursday night at Saints N Sinners. Come Down went one first, and played an excellent set, as usual, regaling us with their spacious and ethereal, yet earthy and organic sounds with that rock edge... Watch out kids, they are armed with a killer new EP and they are going to take over the world way quicker than Cartman's "Dawson's Creek" Trapper Keeper!

One True Thing played second. I've seen them a lot over the past year, and I'm sure they played a good set...but I was in the 24 Hour Bagel shop with Matt Dallow, discussing my book and random life stuff. It's always good to hang with Dallow at the bagel shop.

With Every Idle Hour, featuring one very bombed Sergei Ruber, took the stage for the last set of the evening, and, despite (or perhaps BECAUSE of) Sergei's inhalation of TWO Monster Ales (twice the alkyhawl of regular bread soda) and more, proceeded to tear the roof off the joint. Their set was a real barn burner, so I don't know if the Amish would approve. Man, these boys were psyched to play! Every band should be this much fun to see. I mean, you look at the shit-eating grins on their faces and you know they rock because they love it and live for it. You can't ask for anything more and you shouldn't settle for anything less. I am looking so forward to their new cd, "The Distance Between" that you have no idea. Every time they said "This is our last song" everybody whined in unison. They ended up playing at least three more songs. Classic.

Afterwards, I started ranting about Mousetrap and morphed into Columbo. I don't know what the hell that was about. Before I knew what happened, I went to the bagel shop with Jackie, who was even more wasted than Sergei (what a great couple of drinkers they are... I can only imagine what pictures of them must look like), as she managed to have more than the maximum allowed dosage of Monster Ale. Hee hee. She offered to pay for my bagel, too. She gave the guy four dollars. I paid the rest. HA! After Sergei whisked her off towards home, Will Link, Matt Orphan and I sat at Dunkin Donuts for 2 hours bullshitting about random life crap and telling stories. In all that time there, we did not buy anything or eat anything from Dunkin Donuts, and they didn't even bother us. Amazing. Okay, I have rambled too long now. Time for bed.

n.p. Come Down "Whose Side Are You On Anyway?" EP