Monday, March 14, 2005

J-Ro Live From The Tiny Room With The Computer In It At Long Last

So, welcome to my first blog post in eons. I've been scarcely present in online forums for many reasons. Mostly a lack of time to write extemporaneously about random topis of interest to anyone besides myself. Also, most of what I want to tell all th world has to do with the new love in my life. I wanted to hold off on mentioning that for a while, because I did not want to jinx it or get anyone all upset or whatnot. One learns the lesson swiftly once getting bitten on the ass by that kind of thing. But now that she and I are officially fools in love, I feel free enough to mention it.

It's really been crazy since last I posted. I had to delay pressing the new Trashed On Fiction cd to be able to afford the recording, mixing, mastering and pressing of the first Repercussions full-length, Modern Sounds. I just figured that it would be easier to use Modern Sounds to get distribution and exposure for the label, since I failed to properly do this for the Don't Fear EP and the Space Robot Scientists EP. Plus, it's easier to market 14 songs than 7 songs, even though those 7 songs add up to a minute more than a typical Weezer coaster. Of course, because I spent so much money on Modern Sounds, as well as having to buy a new car because my Saturn finally died, I have yet to rebuild my savings to a comfortable enugh level to afford pressing the TOF cd. On top of the hideously long delay (viva indie labels!) is the fact that I have been like an absentee father to TOF as well. I have missed so many shows due to work/time constraints that I'm beginning to wonder if the band secretly hates me, and wouldn't blame them if they wanted someone else to put out their record at this point.

But yes, my new car is a Hyundai Elantra 2005, with a pretty neat spoiler that I didn't ask for but liked a lot. I got the cassette deck because of my many old mixtapes. It has awesome beverage holders, and even has a beverage-holder adapter for smaller cups! There is also a hidden backseat beverage holder. And a cool drop-down sunglasses holder, which contain my recent;y purchased clip-on sunglasses that do not look like to stupid flip-up ones that made generations of baseball players (like Kent Tekulve) look like nerds like that nerd from "Riptide" whose first name in real life was "Thom." The same weekend I bought the car, I had my second date with Hilary, who must have been swayed by my new car, and soon after, we became official. I could go on and on about her for days. It's crazy to be 31 and to say that I've never felt this way about anyone before, but for those of you who know my big cosmic mess of a lovelife, it makes everything in the past feel like a joke. It's hard to supress the urge to build a chupah and steal her away in the middle of the night and drive to Vegas to get married by an Elvis with a chimpanzee named Clyde as the best man. So to those of you whom I haven't seen in many moons, that is the main reason I haven't been making the rounds to all the social events of the season. Well, that and I'm still working the night shift. Seriously, if you can offer me a job making $35,000 a year and health insurance (hell, I'll take $30G), please let me know. I need out. so so so bad.

Oh, and if you are on Myspace, make friends with my label.

love and x's and o's,