Saturday, June 14, 2003

I was gonna post about Will's screening party for "Delma Dewey Dimsdale: The Making of a Misogynist" when I got home from work Friday morning, but I came home to discover that my brother shorted out the computer keyboard with an uncontrollable stream of spew that issued forth from his open mouth. I guess that just goes to show that making fun of Monkeypox and living on a steady diet of ramen will eventually catch up with you. As a result, we took a trip to the Apple store in the Walt Whitman Mall to buy a new one. Sixty-four dollars later, we have a white keyboard that is vomit-free...and better stay that way! The post-party wrap-up blog will have to wait until later.

Anyhow, Matt and I stayed (since he was too ill to go out, I decided to hang with him) in and bonded over DVDs of "UHF" and "Wayne's World." That was great fun. We were hoping that "Pain Cave" would be among the bonus features on the WW DVD, but it was not to be. I looked through my paper trail of videotapes from the early 90's, but could not find the MTV special it originated from. But I will find it. I know it is around somewhere. And when I do fiind it, I will make all of you watch it, as "Pain Cave" is one of the greatest lost anthems of our time (or any other). After all, has life gotten any better since hearing "Step inside my pain cave and I will bludgeon you/ you don't have to scream because your ears are bleeding/ that's perfectly normal when someone bludgeons you/ the bleeding part that I was just referring to..." In my humble opinion, that is the apex of all metal and/or pop music. If I can get another gig, I may just have to cover that bad boy. If you even vaguely remember "Pain Cave" email me at

end transmission