Sunday, June 29, 2003

Road Rage and You

Shauna came down from the nether-regions of upstate New York this weekend, so after getting my haircut (it's pretty short, ladies), I picked her up at the KP train station. Dinner at John Harvard's, followed by some Family Guy DVD action. Went to Book Revue in Huntington, and that's when the adventure began...

I parked in that lot near Classy Coffee and as I pulled out of that lot, onto this narrow one way road with a stop sign and many parked cars, some jackass in a big white SUV, which was 50 yards away when I started, was trying to close in when I was doing a three-point turn. Then, this son-of-a-bitch starts tailing me something fierce, at a fucking STOP SIGN!! THere's still two cars ahead of me and traffic to merge with, so it wasn't like I was in his way, as we were at a standstill. So I jammed on my brakes real fucking hard and I gave him the finger and then after turning onto the street, he fucking sped around me, got in front, stopped at a green light to block me in, and started getting out of the car I honked my horn at the fucker and he yelled something about "pussy" and I called him a "goddamn fucking steroid case motherfucker" (which may not have been the best course of action, granted, but if you know me at all, you know the enormousness of my mouth and my propensity to say things to people who are significantly larger and more violent than myself, who could easily turn me into a wet, mushy prune). I managed to back up a tad before the next car came up behind me, and turned right. This blond, musclebound, no-necked, tiny-dick moron fucking turned right from the left lane to follow me! I turned left onto 25A (the chase made me forget all about the search for Billy Joel Rock) and he was on my ass, so then I turned left onto Stewart and then finally lost him after this 2 minute, 4 block psycho pursuit, that left me with a leg that trembled for a good five minutes or so afterwards.

Well, we did make it to Billy Joel Rock, and now that I know its exact coordinates, I won't let Erin down again. Then Shuana and I came back here to log onto Friendster and then she wrote the story of the chase on her LJ. Oh, and she gave me a code so I could get my own account. YAY!!!

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