Friday, March 28, 2003

I guess my stomach doesn't take too kindly to the drinking thing. Yep. Definitely not. My instincts were right. If I hadn't started going downstairs when I did, I might have missed the toilet and would have had to clean up after myself. Oh man. I am in no shape to write about the Cursive/No Knife/ Minus the Bear show last night. I am in no shape to do anything. Time to sleeeep.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Greetings and salivations. I am in a NyQuil-induced hypnotic state, staring at the screen here, trying to get people with whom I want to speak to awaken suddenly in the middle of the night, as I beckon them hither with all those crazy vampire charms and powers I've got... wait, what? I'm NOT a vampire? I just work the same shift as one? Hmmmph. I guess that explains why the sun doesn't burn me when I leave work at 7am. Yeah, my bad... "Dracula 2000" was on at work right before I left sick at 3am. I was hoping the guy playing Dracula was going to try to rip off Alan Rickman's voice more than he already had. And then I realized that I can no longer do my amazing impression of Alan Rickman in "Rasputin." What a crappy night. Maybe if I go to sleep now, I will wake up feeling a sight better, and almost well enough to drive into the city and back for a night of good rocking times with Cursive, No Knife & Minus the Bear. Yaaargh! Pirate rock for which to shake the (ill) booty. Speaking of booty, we were listening to the "Old School Live" station on tonight, and they played "Go See The Doctor." Man, if you've never heard that song, you are missing out.

Okay, passing out, listening to Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demos (again)...