Sunday, December 14, 2003


Now that that is out of my system...

Last night was Matt & Cassie's birthday bash at the Smithtown Masonic Temple. Fucking Supermatchboxx reunited for a one-time only deal just for my brother. It was fanfuckingtastic. It was like taking a trip back to 1996. It ruled balls. If you missed it, you are a dumbshit. The Repercussions rocked the house (I'm paid to say that, hee hee), the Devil Spades slashed the house's tires and Encrypt Manuscript provided some of that rock'n'roll dance thing in the fine tradition of Les Savy Fav and GoGoGo Airheart and that kinda stuff... and the Jell-O wrestling match was the stuff of legend. I'll say it again, if you missed it, you blew it. Having to go to work afterwards sucked. I couldn't get the entire night off.

Thursday night was the MTV party at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Open bar (ie, free drinks), decent food, (mostly)crappy music, good company, free drinks, drinking so much I couldn't feel my face, continuing to drink beyond that point, dancing to crappy music because I was so srunk I could not feel my face, making out while not being able to feel my face, telling my friend who was asking if I was getting on the bus to "fuck the bus" because it was too early to leave (12:30am), continuing to pound Jack & cokes and suck face, eventually getting a car service to take me back to long island, staying at the NOC for an hour and change until I was sober enough to drive home. Definitely one the best times I've ever had at a party.