Friday, March 14, 2003

From Thursday morning:

Yeah, so Come Down ruled balls yet again!  No surprise to anyone who's seen them live, ever. But boo to the Mercury Lounge for having the band from Ireland play at 7pm to an empty house.  I don't know if they were any good or not, because Charlie & I got there in time to witness the last song by some Swedish Electroclash band that James Iha(Yes, that James Iha!) skronked on sax for (details lovingly filled in by a very bilious Mr. Hanney), as if he were Bill f*ing Clinton (the * is pronounced as frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, in case you were wondering -- because, when I curse, I just fucking do it - like when I'm driving behind the livery guy taking up two lanes).  

The band we did get to see besides our beloved Come Down, was a band called The Blame.  Apparently, they live in NYC.  Which is unfortunate for all of us, really.  The first song was called "Pick Up Slut" and it only got worse from there.  I thought I was being funny by quipping "It's been so long I've forgotten how to rock in a non-ironic manner."  Apparently, though, the Blame were no joke.  They were many jokes.  The astounding literacy of the singer's lyrics were bested only by his inability to use metaphor in any successful way at all.  It is one thing to be pretentious, but in order to make it work, you have to compensate somehow.  Singing about girls in pickup trucks and referencing Kerouac and Ginsberg (by this point, who hasn't read HOWL or On the Road?), necessitates some kind of quality lyric to follow up with, anything to redeem such an obvious and over-used name-drop.  I mean, come on, Gregory Corso rhymes with torso and Neal Cassidy was the focal point of On the Road.  I was insulted as a lyricist, and as a rock and roll fan.  I believe that I will be writing songs with the same titles as theirs (I was given a copy of their setlist, tee hee), much like Beau Sia did with Jewel's A Night Without Armour -- responding in kind with A Night Without Armour II, which was an amazing read.  Which I still need to get a copy of.  I will maybe write, record and perform those response songs for you guys sometime.  That would be fun.  Boy they sucked.  And they chased the crowd away with ther suckdom.  They actually reached the 9th level of Suck.

But Come Down was amazing.  I danced.  I saw Charlie dancing. I think some hipster Japanese girls were laughing at me dancing.  But I am not Rivers Cuomo, so it didn't bother me.  And afterwards, they gave us the new ep on a 3" cd.  It is so cute and i was so happy and i jumped up and down for joy (in my mind, anyway), and I got to play a song from it on my show.  YIPPEE!!!

Oh yeah, and my in theory Come Down shirt looks great, in theory.  But I have to wear shirts underneath it, because it is too thin to wear on its own.  If you didn't get that, forget it.  But the cd is awesome.  WOOO!!!!!!

And Charlie is crazy.  Absolutely.  And I had to sing him Toto songs because he couldn't think of what they sang.  So he was treated to me singing bits of "Africa," "Rosanna" and "Hold the Line."  Rock!  Now he remembers them.  He'll never forget, lest I have to sing him those songs again.  Heh heh.

Dude...watched some That 70's Show today, and the funniest thing Kelso said was "Party at the Pinciotti house!  We're gonna need beer, balloons and girls with low self-esteem."  Oh man.  Classic.  There was something else funny as hell, but I can't remember right now.  need sleep.  came home from the station, made eggs and bacon.  mmmmmmm...bacon.  and watched last night's "Ed."   They are moving it to Friday nights.  Are they trying to kill it?   NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  If they cancle "Ed," or ever think about it...I will cut off some executive's genitalia.  I'm serious.

Okay.  sleep beckons me.  See y'all tonight.


Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I didn't wake up at 1pm. I didn't even wake up by 3pm. HA! I came home and was online for way too long typing that stupid post. Figures. But, I did get my hair cut. And now all the ladies are swooning over the mere sight of me. Ha ha ha. I joke, but it was the talk of the MTV NOC center this week. I did make it to the Bravado show, though, and might I say they kicked much ass. They were totally rockin', and Darren brought Sergei onstage to sing "Burning Sensation." The song sounds so good when they both sing it. That song is soo written for Sergei to sing. Listening to the recorded version later, I missed Sergei's voice on it. It's kinda like how in The Beautiful South, Paul Heaton's vocals are complimented by Dave Hemmingway's higher vocals.

The show was cool. My friends in
Come Down were there, as they almost always are for Bravado. Speaking of Come Down, they are playing the Mercury Lounge tonight, and then heading straight out for a 30+ hour drive to Austin, TX to play theis year's SXSW Festival. Now industry people and music fans from the other side of the country, who probably didn't catch their set CMJ set at the Knit last year, can experience the thrill of Come Down. I hope they like it as much as I do. I'm driving Charlie and Dirk. Should be fun. And I have Dirk to keep Charlie (whose mancrush on me is starting to freak me out just a bit -- ha ha) away from me.

Well, it's 5:26pm. I've been up for two hours and it's time for me to eat or drink something. And get away from the damn computer that sucks up too much of my time.

n.p. Dan Bern - Smartie Mine (Disc 1)