Monday, November 03, 2003


Hey kids, just a brief update to fill in some gaps. Lessee, what's happened lately? A quick rundown:

--The Repercussions EP, Don't Fear... was recorded and mixed. It sounds amazing. Apparently, the guy who recorded it is supposedly mastering it as I'm typing this. I hope so. I want to release something amazing-sounding. It already sounds awesome, but I want it to sound as awesome as possible. The first release on Example Such Cloth Hammer Engine (ESCHE) will blow your minds! Seriously. Catch them at Saints and Sinners this Thursday, with Jets Jaguar, The Clap and The Arsons. They are also playing Saints and Sinners next Wednesday, the 12th. I will be there for that one (no work). They rock, and I'm not just saying that because Matt's my brother and I'm putting out their EP.

--Sunday the 26th of October, Matt and I went to see Death Cab For Cutie and the Long Winters. When we got to the Bowery Ballroom, a slightly drunken Dawn greeted us merrily. We then said hello to an already inebriated Jackie and a slightly soused Sergei. Good times, indeed! The show was amazing. Both bands were great. THe Long Winters played a great mix of songs, mostly from the recent album, When I Pretend To Fall, but including a couple from their first, The Worst You Can Do Is Harm, including my favorite "Carparts," which they played right after I said "Carparts" in a quiet voice, not liking to be demanding. The guy next to me was like "Wow, you called it." Death Cab was totally intense...and for an encore, they played "Free Fallin'" with John Roderick and Sean Nelson from Long Winters on backing vocals and tambourines. Awesome!!!

--Made another mix cd for no particular reason. It's kinda thematic, and kinda down at times, but enjoyable nonetheless. The tracklisting looks like this:

Goddamn Right, It's A Beautiful Day

1. Iron & Wine "Such Great Heights"
2. Pink Floyd "If"
3. Loose Fur "Chinese Apple"
4. Elliott Smith "Waltz #2 (XO)"
5. Ballboy "Meet Me At The Shooting Range"
6. Idlewild "In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction"
7. Grandaddy "Yeah Is What We Had"
8. Maquiladora "Ritual Of Hearts"
9. Yo La Tengo "Don't Have To Be Sad"
10. Death Cab For Cutie "Title And Registration"
11. With Every Idle Hour "Untitled"
12. Dismemberment Plan "Time Bomb"
13. Eels "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues"
14. The Long Winters "Cinnamon"
15. True Love Always "Modesto"
16. John Vanderslice "Underneath The Leaves"
17. The Postal Service "Such Great Heghts"


---Bid au revoir and bon voyage to the lovely Dawn Wednesday night, as she was preparing to depart for Syracuse, in search of education and adventure in upstate New York. You will be missed, Dawnie. But I promise I'll visit at some point. I swear I need two weeks off to visit all my friends upstate for a reasonable amount of time. Got to see 3/4 of Come Down (Mark, Nicole & Tom), 1/2 of WEIH (Sergei & Sean) and one part ex-Bravado (Karen) + one Miss Jackie = one heck of a good time.

----Went to a costume party Thursday night at Bev & Ceci's house, because I was off of work. Drank enough to make up for a weekend of missed parties due to my stupid work schedule. I even drank enough to pass out for a little while. Go me! Woke up without a hangover, too. Good times.

--Friday night through Monday morning were spent working mostly. That always sucks. Especially when everyone is having parties and Pimpcore actually plays a show, and I couldn't go. Boo work!

--So, what am I doing tonight? I have no fucking idea. If you have ideas, call me. Or something. Whatever. Heh heh.