Monday, April 26, 2004

bloggin' again

To all my freaky friends who care about the lame non-goings-on in my pathetic little life (it wasn't always pathetic, mind you), where I seem to either be at my job or at the bar, and rarely in front of this computer or enjoying my bachelor pad, I have decided to impinge upon the time usually alotted for sleep to beam up this little missive.

Hey y'all, if you haven't seen or heard from me in a while, I guess I'm doing fine. I'm still working nights, and thusly many of you haven't seen me much. I've been putting in my regular bi-weekly appearance at the bowling alley on Monday nights, as well as my usual residency at Saints N Sinners on alternate wednesday & thursday nights, with the occasional night playing hooky from work there. I've even been spinning at Saints on alternate Thursdays, with Kenyon. It's been good times. And don't forget my radio show on alternate sunday nights/monday mornings from midnight-3am on WUSB.

For those of you who may still remember the birthday/ housewarming party I had last September...I am actually moved in completely, but am in the midst of a furniture shuffling, and it's actually kinda scary. It's like the opposite of feng-shui. But once it is completed, it's gonna look freakin' sweet. I promise you that. Ladies, if you're reading, it'll be plusher than Barry & Levon's pad, I assure you.

Okay, i'm tapped out. My brain is tapioca and my butt is numb. Therefore, the time is night to wrap it up, B! I'm outta here. I'm gonna try and take me a nap and not sleep too late. Don't wanna be late for the, bowling.