Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I didn't wake up at 1pm. I didn't even wake up by 3pm. HA! I came home and was online for way too long typing that stupid post. Figures. But, I did get my hair cut. And now all the ladies are swooning over the mere sight of me. Ha ha ha. I joke, but it was the talk of the MTV NOC center this week. I did make it to the Bravado show, though, and might I say they kicked much ass. They were totally rockin', and Darren brought Sergei onstage to sing "Burning Sensation." The song sounds so good when they both sing it. That song is soo written for Sergei to sing. Listening to the recorded version later, I missed Sergei's voice on it. It's kinda like how in The Beautiful South, Paul Heaton's vocals are complimented by Dave Hemmingway's higher vocals.

The show was cool. My friends in
Come Down were there, as they almost always are for Bravado. Speaking of Come Down, they are playing the Mercury Lounge tonight, and then heading straight out for a 30+ hour drive to Austin, TX to play theis year's SXSW Festival. Now industry people and music fans from the other side of the country, who probably didn't catch their set CMJ set at the Knit last year, can experience the thrill of Come Down. I hope they like it as much as I do. I'm driving Charlie and Dirk. Should be fun. And I have Dirk to keep Charlie (whose mancrush on me is starting to freak me out just a bit -- ha ha) away from me.

Well, it's 5:26pm. I've been up for two hours and it's time for me to eat or drink something. And get away from the damn computer that sucks up too much of my time.

n.p. Dan Bern - Smartie Mine (Disc 1)

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