Saturday, March 22, 2003

Yeah, so it's another one of those "wow, it's been a week since last I babbled typographically. Wait. Gotta poop first. I guess that's what happens when all you eat after waking up at 6pm is a Bloomin' Onion from The Outback, and a bowl of ice cream, having drank two cups of coffee, a Jack & Coke, and a flat Sprite. My body must hate me. Ahhh. Okay. Back.

Just got back a little while ago from the 11pm Luna show at the Knitting Factory. Great stuff. I Am the World Trade Center opened, playing a mostly-pre-sequenced set of fun, dancy electronic pop. I liked them a lot, more than I usually like anything dancy. I do think they should change their name to Vocoder & Reverb, because that is the only way they sing every song. And while Vocoder works splendidly in some songs, a cover of "Don't You Wanr Me?" by the Human League required a little more vocal presence for the male parts, than the low bleatings of Vocoder. Still, I bought a split 7" and a 12" of theirs. They were fun and Matt got some good pics, I'm sure.

Luna was great! Then again, with songs like theirs, they have to be. Even though they didn't play all of my top 5 favorite Luna songs ("California" and "Moon Palace" were accounted for, but not "Bobby Peru," "Slide," or "Tiger Lily"), I still enjoyed the set immensely, as the newer songs really sounded great in a live setting. The last time I saw them was on the tour for "Pup Tent," so they had a couple less albums to draw tracks from...but, there is always the Luna Live CD/2xLP if you or I have to hear the older songs. I'll post the setlist later. I'm really tired now. And it's only 5:20am. What's that about?


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