Saturday, April 19, 2003

So, it is just shy of 6am, as I sit here listening to the Buffalo Tom "Besides" cd. The final track, their stellar, howling cover of "All Tomorrow's Parties" from the Velvet Underground tribute cd. Yesterday morning, sitting in this chair, I was listening to the "Crossing Jordan" soundtrack cd, which features Joe Henry's cover of "Pale Blue Eyes." Talk about synchronicity. I'd been in a total Buffalo Tom mood, but for some reason, I do not own Let Me Come Over. But I have "Taillights Fade" on an old mixtape, and that song just kills me. I've been kinda depressed for cryptic reasons. If my mood was a Blüe Oyster Cult record, it would be called Angst of Unknown Origin.

On the one hand, I'm happy because I got to see Ben Kweller tonight, and hung out with people I haven't seen ina long time, and bumped into people there I hadn't seen in a while. So that was great. Dinner at the Zen Palate was great. Hugs at the tail end of kickball were great. Watching "Dazed & Confused" with Matt when we got home was totally kick-ass. But why am I so down? Maybe I should just be vapid and listen to that happy, crappy mainstream pap, and stop listening to anything moody, edgy or intellgent. I dunno. I'll try posting later on, when I'm more clear-headed. I must sleep now.

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