Sunday, April 06, 2003

The sun has started rising behind me and to the left. I should go to bed. I meant to write a lot of stuff tonight, but I spent too many hours on Friendster again. Just realized tonight that the display for the monitor was set at 800 x 600. Thanks Josh, for calling that to my attention. Josh was making me look at the Bouncing Souls website that he somehow got lucky enough to start designing and maintaining back in the lean years. My brother's pics are up there now, as well, from the Sports Plus show they played last weekend, when I was stuck at work, and could not celebrate the tenth anniversary of witnessing the Souls live for the first time, after falling in love with "These Are The Quotes From Our Favorite 80's Movies" all those years ago.

Friday night was the Godspeed You Black Emperor! show at the Warsaw. They were fucking amazing, and I had a great time. A tired, but still witty and charming
Nico was great company, as a fellow rubber bumper in that game of pinball known as Average Lameass Concertgoer Worming Through the Crowd. But all that aside, I was just really frightened of the Bastard Son of Nick Cave and Jim Carrey that kept talking, buying drinks and standing in front of Nico. This guy was tall, and sort of dressed like Nick Cave and Jim Carrey ("Once Bitten"-era Jim Carrey, after he turned vampire and dressed all in black, like, er, Nick Cave). That's now two out of three recent posts in which I mention Vampire movies. Wacky. And I watched "Angel" today, furthering the vampire madness. And Jismo is playing Alkaline Trio on his little audiostream right now. Bonus. We lost an hour, and I am gonna end up sleeping my last day off away. I ned to commit more random acts of hygeine, balance my checkbook, pay some bills and buy socks, and a digital four-track.

Last night, I jammed with
Mike Andriani and Desirae. It was a lot of fun, because we were playing moody music. Think Galaxie 500, Codeine and Bedhead. But we don't have songs yet. Maybe next time. I've been dying to create music like this for a long, long time (since first hearing Galaxie 500 in 1990, I believe). I need to do this. To stick to it. For so many reasons. Afterwards, what would a night on Long Island be without a diner trip? So to the Rocky Point Diner we did go.

Sometime today, I need to write the poem that can't get out of my head. Something shall be written. Maybe I will go to Borders or something before Saturday Matinee closes. I need to stop by there and witness Sean and WIll working alone together. I need to go to sleep. I will post something worth reading here sometime in the future. Night.

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