Thursday, May 01, 2003

This has been a crazy week so far, and it is only Wednesday night/Thursday morning. Sitting here listening to a pretty decent indie-rock release by a band called Late Night Television. Some good, rocking songs in the vein of early Superchunk and stuff, with great song titles. Songs such as "My Life As a Bad Movie and an Even Worse Soundtrack," "Sometimes I Forget I Hate Myself" and "I Wish This Was Funny" kinda take me back to 1994, when I was all innocent and naive and only 21. Now, I am cynical and naive and ona collision course with 30. Hell, the fact that the album is entitled "A Personal Account of How I've failed at Everything" is reason enough to give it a spin.

I made an awesome, depressing mix cd yesterday with my free time. It is sad, but it also rocks out. Artists included on it are Interpol, Wilco, Hayden, Radiohead, +/-, Buffalo Tom, Wolf Colonel, The Postal Service, The Decemberists, Uncle Tupelo, Kill Creek, The Long Winters, John Vanderslice, Railroad Jerk, Elliott Smith, Rhett Miller, Pete Yorn, Idlewild, Six By Seven and U2. It run the gamut. Stuff that didn't fit on it will be included on the next mix cd, which I've started, and will contain Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, Pearl Jam, Josh Rouse + Kurt Wagner, and more TBA. If you want a copy of the one that's finished, email me and let me know. Maybe make me a mix, too.

Saw Pearl Jam tonight at the Colisseum. Fucking amazing!!! It was my third time seeing them, and by far the best. Matt Cameron is such a great drummer. His arrangements on the older songs totally blow away Dave Abruzzese's stick work on the tours for Ten and Vs. And the newer songs just keep getting better. They opened with "Long Road" and it was phenomenal...I've always been a big fan of their darker, more dirge-like material, and they played a nice selection of these tunes, including "I Am Mine" and "Thumbing My Way." Matt and I just had such a great time. They played a smattering of old songs as well, spanning their entire career thus far. One highlight was definitely during "Elderly Woman..." when Matt & I were swaying to the beat, holding each other and singing along. Few people on this earth I would rather see a Pearl Jam show with. He was so psyched, that it kicked up my excitement level even higher. I'm glad that I got the coolest brother in the world and you didn't.

I just find myself disappointed in the caliber of intelligence of the people in attendance. I mean, you kinda go into a Pearl Jam show knowing Eddie Vedder's (outspoken) political beliefs. I mean, it's fine and well to disagree with him, that's not the issue. But most people don't pay $40 or whatever to boo the message the performer is trying to convey. You would think that for 3 hours of an honest-to-God amazing rock show, you could shut your dumbass "I'm proud to be an American living in George Bush's eminent domain" mouth. I mean, Christ, I don't go to your mom's job and jump up and down on the bed, do I? Let the man speak his mind. At first, I thought that maybe these people were just booing the latex Gee Dubya mask Vedder strolled out in during the second encore. Turns out, these folks were booing Eddie for singing a song (Bush Leaguer) about the president being stupid (which he is -- I mean, there should be no debating that! Listen to the shit that comes out of his mouth when he talks!!) and a lousy businessman (also true). Vedder was a good sport, though, and encouraged open debate. I heard enough people chanting "George Bush suck!" to not get completely discouraged. I thought the kid with the mohawk running around with the G.W. mask had the right idea. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that we manage to all co-exist on the same planet, let alone the same country.

Of course, the after-show political discussion between Matt and I about how we can never talk about politics with anyone reminded me that I get too upset when I discuss politics, because it just all makes me so angry. I had to stop reading the good political publications because every little thing would just make me froth at the mouth. You might not know this about me, but I do believe in things other than just upsets me too much that nobody likes to bring up politics in my presence for fear of awakening the sleeping berserker within me. But I do enjoy it when Matt and I get into a political discussion, because it is nice to hear intelligent things coming from someone else's mouth other than my own. But the show was still so incredible, regardless. They played a few of my favorite cover songs they've ever done -- "Crazy Mary," "Last Kiss" and "(Keep On) Rockin' In The Free World."

Can't wait for the shows at the Garden in August! Downside is that it reminded me of all the Pearl Jam vinyl and cds I no longer own because of the ex-girlfriend with no turntable who still has them all. I can kiss all that stuff goodbye. It's been two and a half years, and I don't even know if she is alive or dead. I probably don't care, either, except that if she dies, I want that stuff back. But hey, I still have the LP of John Fahey's "The Yellow Princess" that her dad gave me. I consider that hazard pay for having to spend time with him and his Deer Hunteresque Vietnam-induced dementia. But I seemed to have veered off-topic just a bit. Sorry 'bout that.

So how about me being the Consummate [sic] Hipster? How did they know I worship DeLillo as a literary deity? That wasn't even a question. Weird thing is, I have never worn a leather jacket. But I do love my coffee. Just try to take it away from me. I dare ya.... Didn't think so. I was gonna apologize for not updating this enough... but whenever I do, it's this huge freaking monstrosity of a post. Speaking of "freaking" (as an adjective, not as a verb to describe a fun activity), Finnamore suggested last week that I start a "Freakin' Jar" because I say "freakin" to freakin much. I don't know what the fuck he's freakin' talking about. No, really. I don't freakin' get it.

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