Thursday, March 11, 2004

Let me just start this off by saying how much I hate my work schedule for getting in the way of so many things, like simple blog updates. It's always so long in between them, even though there is so much I want to talk about. By the time I finally sit in front of a computer, I can barely keep my eyes open. Like right now...I just took some NyQuil a little while ago and am fighting off its effects at the moment. If I actually have spoken to you in the last few days, you know I have a lot on my mind.

In what seems like a cosmic prank, I got a flat tire on the Sunken Meadow Parkway at 3:30am Saturday night, after hitting a big chunk of pavement I could not swerve around. I was on the way home from seeing Come Down and Kilowatthours play some crazy Brooklyn art gallery/performance space/dwelling called Asterisk (no doubt named after that crazy french comic strip character), attended by many vacuous hipster-types more interested in dancing to Big 80's than to listening to moving and moody music made by real live people right in front of them. But the hipster who stuck out the most would have to be the dude who looked like Vincent Gallo, but leaning more towards street urchin than psycho killer, garbed in puffy down ski vest and black ACID WASH jeans. I call him "Mad Max Beyond Williamsburg!" I had a lovely time that night, despite the berth of hipsters, and should have seen this coming. Luckily, I was able to put the donut on in a timely manner and get home safely, if a little worse for the wear. Of course, that donut is still on there several days later.

Looking for lyrics to the song "Ellen & Ben" by the Dismemberment plan proved futile today. It is the only song on the CD of "Change" without lyrics in the booklet. The Dismemberment Plan website is temporarily down, and most fan pages seem to have ended when the band did. I had been curious about a line in that song that mentions the Bruce Springsteen record "Nebraska" (my fave Springsteen album). I couldn't figure out what the line was. I have sinced figured it out. The line is "...because she had my copy of 'Nebraska' and they never even put on their clothes..." I had to listen to it in the car on the way to the bar. All of my deep listening is done in the car these days. It's sad. I need to spend more time in my house next door, and not so much over here. Perhaps when I get my eBayed four-track, I will have too many ideas to be content to sit over here watching TV when I could be recording crazy shit like I used to...

However, the cyberjourney (as opposed to Journey, the kick ass arena rock band with the lamest videos ever made) I took while looking for those lyrics somehow led me to the Chunklet website. They finally have a new issue coming out, and i am totally excited for it. I am a dork like that, and you can guarantee that after I get paid next Tuesday, i will place an order for said Chunklet, along with some other goodies. While I write about this self-involved crap, a shitload of people are reported dead in Madrid, Spain after at least two bombs went off on a commuter train.

Well, with that, I should be off to bed or something, as I feel like crap and need to wake up early to take a training class at work for Harris/Louth Air Client. Woohoo! I can outgeek you. Seriously. People who have worked at this job longer than me constantly ask me questions on how to do things. Now if only I could find a job like this without the 12 hour shifts in the middle of the night. Of course, when I say early, I mean awake before noon.

peace out,

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