Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sometimes Rejection Is Better

Hey folks! I found this post from February on my Myspace blog. I totally forgot about this. I think it's awesome and forgot I wrote it.

sometimes rejection is better.
better than wondering.
better than wanting.
better than thinking things will ever change.
better than waiting around for someone who clearly isn't ready or willing.
for someone who says to wait for her.
wait for her while she does god-knows-what with god-knows-whom.
yeah, because that's clearly a recipe for success.

sometimes rejection is better.
when the message is crystal clear.
no crossed wires, no mixed signals.
no raising of hopes to be dashed again every couple of months.
the dumbest game of cat and mouse.

either put up or shut up.
don't tell me things that make me think you're human
and then contradict it all in a myspace survey.
how stupid do I look?

I hope this is better than a drunk dial or email would have been.
exactly six hours of sleep awaits.
awaits a way to forget about you.
but then I wake up. damn.
'nuff said.

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