Sunday, January 19, 2003

Sunday Morning 8:18. Not a bad idea for a concept record of all songs recorded on Sunday mornings only. If I did that, though, it would sound like crap when it came to the singing. I never have a voice at 8am. My voice is great when it works, but it only seems to work between the hours of 11am - 5am, or thereabouts. Sometimes it takes holiday hours. Maybe if this "cold" ever goes away, I'll get more usage out of it. But at least I've been cutting down the number of longer car journeys screaming along to a way-too loud stereo.

I got home at 7:25, and within five minutes, Matt was on his way to work. The only thing that sucks about this new job of mine is that I've seen my brother very little since Monday. He opens Sunday and Monday, and closes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I saw him for a bit Sunday, not at all on Monday or Tuesday, saw him a bit Wednesday, before I went to WUSB to hang with Paul, Will & Adam and talk about stuff you shouldn't talk about on the radio while on the radio. I dunno. You get the idea. It's nice to actually see him once in a while. Thinking of going by myself to see a matinee of The Two Towers on Monday. I mean, I've read the books, so it doesn't matter that I haven't seen all of The Fellowship of the Ring yet. Gotta borrow that from someone, though. At least two of my friends have that on DVD. At LEAST two. I'm not saying all my friends are geeks, but they do hang out with me. 'nuff said. Guess I should go to bed now, true believers.

PS to Stan Lee --- PLEASE don't sue me for infringement, please....

n.p. Billy Bragg "Everywhere"

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