Friday, January 17, 2003

So once again, we gather together to witness the rare magic that is Radio Raheem. Despite recently having all their equipment stolen, they were on top of their game, if not on top of their tuning ability. It's always a pleasure to see them play out, and I cannot wait until more than the 4 songs of theirs I own are available to a clamoring handful. Rumor has it that they may play with Yes Sensei in March. Props to Pretty Polly and the Reformation for playing solid sets and bringing many fine folks down to the bar tonight. But seriously, we needed something to prop Paul on his feet, as he actually got BLIND DRUNK! I swear, he totally couldn't see if both his eyes were open. Amazing! He told me he loved me more times than my freshman year roommate (first semester) told me that time he got really, really, really, really, really, really, really drunk and then puked in the bathroom and passed out. About a week after we got into a brawl and decided he would move into a differnet room across the hall the next semester.

I've known Paul a while, and I've NEVER seen him like this. Alternating "I love you"s with "I'm such a DICK!" every 30 seconds before ordering his Bison Burger Deluxe at the diner was funnier than David pulling the blanket off that girl in "the Real World" and getting kicked out of the house. His name was David, right? What I've been finding enjoyable is the casting of Sabrina Lloyd ("Sliders," "Sports Night ") as Ed Stevens' new assistant on "Ed." Absolutely brilliant. She and Tom Cavanaugh have great back-and-forth going on in the two episodes in the arc thus far. I hope they keep it up. You may be thinking: "Why does he like this show so much?" My question to you is: "Why WOULDN'T I like that show so much?" It's brilliant, and funny, and sad, and it makes me teary eyed sometimes, and makes me bust a gut other times. I find it to be one of the best written shows curretly on the air. Oh yeah, an added bonus: NO Jerry O'Connell (aka the fat kid from "Stand By Me" who grew up to play crappy roles in crappy movies - the exception being his stint in "Sliders," the pinnacle of which I had thought to be "Joe's Apartment," but with the impending release of "Kangaroo Jack," seems to be reaching new highs in the levels of suckdom)!

Okay, it's 6:23am. Time to sleep.

n.p. Loose Fur (aka Tweedy/O'Rourke/Kotche) - "So Long"

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