Monday, May 12, 2003

Just in case you were curious as to the exact tracklistings for the "J-Ro's Cry Cry Sad Music Series" Volumes one & two, here they are....

Volume One: When You Get Back From Wherever

1. Buffalo Tom "She Belongs To Me"
2. Radiohead "Where I End And You Begin"
3. Interpol "NYC"
4. +/- (Plus/Minus) "Summerlong [Boy Version]"
5. The Postal Service "Nothing Better "
6. Wilco "A Magazine Called Sunset"
7. Hayden "Waiting For A Chance To See Her"
8. Wolf Colonel "Thinking About You"
9. Kill Creek "Hardly Accounted For "
10. Long Winters "Carparts"
11. Uncle Tupelo "Wherever"
12. Pete Yorn "Black"
13. Railroad Jerk "Rollerkoaster"
14. John Vanderslice "Time Travel Is Lonely"(With Spoon)
15. Rhett Miller "Come Around"
16. Elliott Smith "Happiness"
17. Decemberists "I Don't Mind"
18. Idlewild "American English"
19. Six By Seven "The Way I Feel Today"
20. U2 "All I Want Is You"

Volume Two: When All My Trials Are Over and All My Friends Are There

1. Alkaline Trio "Nose Over Tail"
2. With Every Idle Hour "El Camino" (rough mix)
3. Eugenius "Blue Above The Rooftops"
4. Boo Radleys "Lazy Day"
5. Guided By Voices "Idiot Princess"
6. Bright Eyes "From A Balance Beam"
7. Ben Folds "Still Fighting It"
8. Ben Kweller "Make It Up"
9. U2 "Bad"
10. Foo Fighters "Everlong"
11. Sunny Day Real Estate "Two Promises"
12. Josh Rouse & Kurt Wagner "That's What I Know"
13. Pearl Jam "Thumbing My Way"
14. The Get Up Kids "Out Of Reach"
15. Wolf Colonel "That's My Life"
16. Bedhead "What's Missing"
17. Emmit Rhodes "Somebody Made For Me"
18. Flaming Lips "Knives Out"
19. Elbow "George Lassos The Moon"
20. Wilco "More Like The Moon"

Second volume is all done, except for the editing and "mastering." It is soooo good, and it seems to have a couple accidental themes running through it. Go figure. Right now, though, I'm listening to the new CD by Mull Historical Society, entitled "Us" that I got for renewing my Magnet subscription/prescription. I don't know why there isn't a bigger buzz on this guy, because he's really freakin' good. I'm sure he'll get a buttload of comparisons to Joseph Arthur for a multitude of reasons, despite the only Peter Gabriel connection for Colin MacIntyre is the album far as I know, anyway. But MacIntyre is a briliant arranger and songwriter, as evidenced on even just the first I listen to it more, I am sure more subtleties will expose themselves and envelope me. For fans of The Chamber Strings, Hollies, Zombies, New Pornographers, Destroyer, Zumpano, etc.

In other news, I think my left foot is trying to secede from my body. It's not a very pretty sight. I don't know what's wrong with it, but I thought it was getting better before, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe some help from fast actin' Tinactin will do the trick? I hope my foot doesn't grow a boil that turns into another head like in "How To Get Ahead In Advertising." That'd be craaaaaazy!

I think that's it for now. Maybe more rambling later on. Who knows? Nobody knows...but Jesus.

not Jesus,

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