Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I switched around the tracks on that second mix cd a bit. I edited the post below to reflect the changes. It's better and more consistent now. Went to see the Decemberists with Jeff Hanson and Mary Lou Lord tonight at the Knit. Mainly I wanted to see the Decemberists, but was also curious to see the sound of a girl come out of Jeff Hanson. It's kinda weird. He is a dude, talks like a dude, but sings more like a girl than John Flansburgh ever will. I mean, it's kinda like if you stuck Elliott Smith's nards in a vice grip. Matt said "Guys just don't sound like that." And I said "Not guys with testicles." But he was really good. And apparently, very friendly. Then again, everyone is friendly to Matt. Sometimes I feel like I live in a sitcom called "Everybody Loves Matt Orphan," and I am the jealous Robert to his beloved Raymond.

The Decemberists were fucking phenomenal! The breadth and depth of their music had me in awe the entire set. Hints of Hitchcock (Robyn), Belle & Sebastian, Kurt Weill, Bertold Brecht, and more...they even sample diaogue from Guy Maddin's film "Archangel" on their full-length cd Castaways & Cutouts. If you haven't checked them out, they have a track on the new Kill Rock Stars compilation Mollie's Mix entitled "I Don't Mind." Jeff Hanson also has a song on that. Many people left after the Decemberists' set, and frankly, I don't blame them. I find Mary Lou Lord nothing much more than a folky indie-rock jukebox. I mean, I don't dis her for playing mainly covers while not emphasising her originals (I am told she does indeed write songs, but I've not paid enough attention to care), but more for the fact that her covers don't do much for me. I'd rather go see Lois Maffeo, Richard Thompson, Guided By Voices, Daniel Johnston (on a good day, anyway, though I am led to believe not many of those happen anymore) and Bevis Frond, rather than hear her sing-songy, monotonous renditions of these artists. I'm sorry, but she does nothing for me at all.

Excited about the 80's-movie-type painting party at my house this saturday afternoon. Details forthcoming. Sleep notwithstanding.


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