Sunday, May 18, 2003

Ok...80's movie style Painting party didn't happen. I woke up at 4pm instead of noon. Ooops. So I figure if I go to sleep now, maybe I can wake up tomorrow. If not, I'm going to worry about possibly having some kind of fucked-up sleep disorder because of my stupid job messing wih my body clock. If I wake up at 4pm everyday, then I just won't go to sleep until noon every day. I've turned the ringer on my phone back on for today, so if it's noon or so on Sunday and you're reading this...please call and wake me.

I did at least get Shauna and we went to Friendly's to chow down. We met Dawn at Home Depot and started shopping for paint and painting accessories. I was actually giddy about buying paint! Crap. I left the keys inside the house, didn't I? I am such a maroon. But the paint is not maroon. The bedroom is gonna be Cranberry Zing, which is a burgundy-type dealy. Still haven't figure out the ling room color yet. But it has to be something kinda festive. I'm gonna go get the keys and whatnot and then go to sleep.

Shauna and Dawn are totally awesome for coming along and helping me make crucial home-decorating decisions. I only hope I can get the rest of this stuff done in a timely fashion.

anyone interested in helping out, just email me or something. woohoo! painting!

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