Saturday, May 31, 2003

Sorry about the grump factor back there. I get edgy sometimes. This is what happens when your younger brother has over 300 Friendsters, making yourself and your 168 Friendsters feel sub-par. I am the older brother of the life of the party. No matter what I do, he does it more extreme and in a more balls-out fashion. The fact that I am the quiet one should send a distress signal to actual quiet ones all over. I could act all crazy and stuff, but then everybody would just be like "He just wants to get attention like his brother does." But, dude, I was here first! I taught him how to be crazy. He just picked up the crazy ball I gave him and ran with it like Carl Lewis or some shit. I dunno. I think I'm getting all maudlin at the twilight of my long dark twenties.

On the bright side, after many months plus a year, I finally put my Buddy Christ on the dashboard of my car. I don't care if it rains or freezes... I took a look at the bedroom tonight to get perspective on how it looks with dry paint, and I'm stoked. A couple of places where you can tell that it needs that last coat, but otherwise, bee-ooty-ful. Now, what the hell color for the living room, for Pete's sake? Was commencing work for a 1996-themed mix cd for a dear friend, when I wondered if I could get away with that, since we didn't have mix cds back in 1996. I think all laws of space and time require me to cease-and-desist until such time as this mix becomes a cassette. Email me your thoughts on the subject...

speaking of 1996...Ain't My Lookout by the Grifters is now playing, and man, I'd forgotten how rawk this was. They were the Kings of Memphis to me back then. "Fate has only one thing in mind."

rock it like it's 1996 and indie-rock is having its last stand, like the brave fighters at the Alamo Rent-A-Car versus Santana's evil scourge. But don't forget that Davy Crockett actually SURRENDERED, and was killed anyway. He DID NOT fight to the death at the Alamo, as had been suggested. Thus making Jim Bowie the only useful member of the Original Alamo Thirteen. No basement, indeed. That one is for you, Sergei.

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