Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Left work early this morning (2 something am) because I am still feeling like crap, which is appropos, I suppose, given the tour of doody I was enlisted for from the moment I woke up. I don't think the two cherry creme flavored Gas-X tablets will do me much good at this point, but they are yummy!

Could someone please tell me why I can't seem to view the pictures on Friendster anymore? Maybe it's time to stop using IE? Maybe I should get with the program and use Safari? I dunno. Jismo, you're the technical expert, you advise me...

Don't really feel like writing a lot. I think it's pretty much time for sleep, which is what this Brad Mehldau cd is doing for me. It sounds like George Winston with slight accompaniment. In other words, it bores me to tears. It would be good studying music, I suppose, in the way that the George Winston cd Helen bought me way back when was. But since graduating college and not having gone back, I haven't found much use for since. I think I sold that George Winston cd. Does that make me a bastard, since it was a gift? I dunno. Not like I've heard from her in the last 8 years, though I am sorry we lost touch. She'll always have a special place in my heart, despite the raping of the unibrow that one hellish night. I hope she is enjoying North Carolina. And I hope she tries to google me sometime. Wow, there is no way to make that not sound dirty. "Google me this, Batman!" Ha ha ha. I told you.

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