Monday, June 16, 2003

Oh well, now I don't feel like posting about Thursday night's events, except that there are now pictures circulating of Larissa making out with the Ludacris cake, and there are now collectable stickers of me in the midst of a silly dance. Also, I decided while at work again, after the party, that dressed in my shirt and tie, wearing black dockers and my Chucks, that I could easily have been a member of some late-70's/early 80's power-pop group, a la Cheap Trick or Katrina and the Waves, The Knack or some such. Especially with my current shaggy hair. Cassie & Shannon are going to perform a make-over on me Wednesday, and apparently, I am getting subtle blue highlights. I said that I was not Stinko Man 20x6, and was told that it would just be visible with the light in my hair...since I am never out in the sun, nobody will ever know. As long as I don't look like taht clown Silbowitz (hee hee), whose hair now matches the bedroom wall in the house I still haven't finished painting.

No house-painting got done today, as I was too busy sleeping the entire day, as a result of 6am horking from an evening of queasy-feeling stomach. I woke up at 7pm, in a zombie-like state with a stiff neck and my brother talking at me before I could even comprehend what he was saying, although I believe it was about Pearl Jam continuing to play "Bushleaguer" on the second leg of the US tour. Not that I don't care, but I wasn't quite ready to be bombarded with information of any sort. He could have told me that aliens had abducted our parents and replaced them with sacks of potatoes marked "His" and "Hers" and it would have met the same dull response.

Also, tonight, I was watching "Subterranean" on MTV2 ("120 Minutes" is no more, this is its new name, which I suppose, is overdue, since "120 Minutes" has been airing since before I was into alternative rock (which was like over 15 years ago or something, and I have the videocassettes to prove it -- how many of y'all remember "Post-Modern MTV" hosted by Kevin Seal?), and they were talking to Conor Oberst about the video for "Bowl Of Oranges" and talking about the girl who did it (it's animated fabric and stuff, with some live action mixed in), and they showed the video, and then after seeing her name on the bottom of the screen, I realized I knew her. It's such a weird thing when you see someone's name on TV whom you've known, even briefly, and shared moments of some sort with, and then practically forgotten, only to get jolted by the reality that they still are out there, working on life. It's a small world after all.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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