Monday, August 04, 2003

The Day I Splurged For a Lobster Dinner For Four

Right about now, those of you who haven't hung out with me in a while should be kicking yourselves...or crying to yourselves how none of your friends ever bought you a lobster dinner at a nice restaurant on the water in Port Jefferson, while some guy serenaded the patrons perched behind a keyboard playing sad, sad songs (because they say so much). Yep, that's right, I took my brother, and two lucky friends who shall remain anonymous (for their own safety) to Port Jeff for a lobster dinner Saturday night, on a whim. A kickoff to the new reality series "A Date With the Rorens." Maybe next time we should bring a camera crew, as a lot of fun was had, as well as good eatin'. We took several pictures of us playing with the lobster parts, riding a 25¢ mechanical horse, all of us packed in a phone booth, as well as Matt shedding a tear during a particularly sad song. Then there was the picture of me getting the times indeed. There are some pictures of it on our Friendster profiles.

n.p. With Every Idle Hour - The Distance Between (BUY THIS!!!!)

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