Saturday, September 13, 2003

J-Ro's Syntax Eros

Happy Birthday to Jismo (not really him, but what better namesake to have than an experienced Highland Bagpiper from Austin, Texas?) and Jackie. You still aren't as old as me, technically, anyway. Here's the news surrounding this day to keep you happy.

-John Ritter, Johnny Cash, Wesley Willis, Warren Zevon..reaper's been busy the last couple weeks.
-Philippine twin boys conjoined at the top of their heads arrived in New York this week for a series of operations to attempt to separate them.
The boys do not share a brain, but do share some veins and arteries. They will be operated on several times in coming months. That's gotta suck for the parents. I kinda wish they had chosen to keep the kids together and make a reality show about being attached to your twin at the head. That has to make tossing and turning during the night a bitch...
-The Ozone hole is getting bigger, close to 11 million miles now.
-The RIAA sued a 12 year old and a 80 year old. Somehow, I would like to think that Madonna is not happy about this, but I bet anything that Metallica is gona write a song about how great it is. I think it would go something like this...

"Retribution Time Internet Thief"

You're stealing my money
It is wrong to steal
It's my mental property
Intellectual property

Take my songs
Lars won't get to eat tonight

You still have to buy it
Even though our new album is crap
Don't you dare even try it
We'll sue your 80 year old grandad
and your little girl, too
We did it to Napster
Now we'll do it to you...

Steal my thoughts
I'll upload you to never neverland...


Sorry, but I have no idea why the hell I'm even awake right now. I fell asleep around 5am, and by 8am I was awake. What the shit is that? Why does my body hate me so? I'm gonna give it one last try to see if I can't salvage a little sleep before it's too late.

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