Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I've been quiet lately because I've been really busy working on things to improve my life in 2004. For starters, the Repercussions EP "Don't Fear" is at the plant waiting to be manufactured, and should be in our grubby mitts within a couple weeks. This is the first release on my fledgling label Example Such Cloth Hammer Engine (ESCHE), and I am truly excited at the prospect of throwing lots of money away for something I believe in -- the Rock! It's one of my favorite EPs in recent years, and I am proud to be releasing it. I'm not at liberty to discuss other projects publicly, but suffice to say that I have at least 2 other releases planned for the immediate future, and some freelance help from my friends to help make this work. A big thank you to everyone who ever said a kind word, lent a hand or encouraged my lunacy thus far. Most of all, thank you to the Repercussions for being so kick-ass. Oh man, I am totally so tired...I've not slept much the last couple days...time to crash now that my house is warm again and no longer colder than a welldigger's ass.

Oh, and at Borders tonight with the visiting Shauna and the esteemed Charles K, I found and purchased yet another Television Personalities cd for my burgeoning collection (there is one more Fire reissue avaliable in this series, and then several other random CDs, including the two I burned from the station). I still need time for it to sink in, but I love it.

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