Saturday, January 17, 2004

I've been at it again...making mix cds that is. The latest one I made for no specific person at all, but just for the wintertime and its effects on me...the tracklisting is as follows:

I Think I Forgot Something...My Pants (aka "Respect Is Due")

1. The Shins Know Your Onion! 2:27
2. Guided By Voices Back To Saturn X 4:52
3. Earlimart We Drink On The Job 2:17
4. Karl Hendricks Trio I Think I Forgot Something... My Pants 4:55
5. Clearlake Almost the Same 3:56
6. Death Cab For Cutie Tiny Vessels 4:21
7. Buffalo Tom I'm Not Allowed 4:21
8. Tarkio Kickaround 5:18
9. imaginary baseball league a lot to say 3:59
10. The Brian Jonestown Massacre Jennifer (Peel 1998) 3:04
11. The Long Winters Blanket Hog 6:06
12. Beulah Landslide Baby (Demo) 3:38
13. Dart A Few Hours After This (The Cure) 4:30
14. Pete Yorn Crystal Village 3:48
15. Jets To Brazil One Summer Last Fall 5:03
16. Harvey Danger Why I'm Lonely 3:36
17. Dismemberment Plan Respect Is Due 12:35

There's another mix cd made simultaneously, but it was for a specific group of kids, who I was not fortunate enough to catch up with before they traipsed o'er the pond for a tour of the British Isles...Cor blimey!

But yeah...I should be on my merry way to a festive gathering of souls.
I'll update more sometime in the near future. Meanwhile, stay tuned for news as my record label (Example Such Cloth Hammer Engine, or ESCHE for short) takes over the galaxy with it's first four releases during the first quarter of 2004. Look for the Repercussions to release their debut EP, "Don't Fear" and the single for "Heather In Pleather" (on a CDR that looks like vinyl!!!) very soon...

Also, I'm on the freakin' radio Sunday night from midnight -3am on 90.1 FM WUSB or for those of you outside listening range. IM me at TheCrazyPablo to tell me if the stream is down (again) so I can try to fix it. Yeah. I'm out.


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