Friday, February 06, 2004

I Wanna Bowl, Too!!!!

Bah, I knew that if a bowling party was successfully convened on another Monday night, that it would be a Monday night I was working. The fates must not want me to bowl, unless, secretly, it is mine friends who do not wish me to bowl, perhaps for fear that I will smite them mercilessly. Alas, I still feel naught but love in my heart for these lads and lasses. Aye, 'tis true.

Anyways, moving along, it's been quite a while since I've posted an update here, there, or anywhere (esp. since Kipes' beloved blogger is no more -- sad, sad, cry now)...but I've really not been too communicative with the interweb. I'm not really spending a lot of time online most days or nights, and have had little desire to sit in this tiny room for long bouts of time, perhaps because my knee seems to scream in agony if it stays bent for too long when I sit (there is no room to stretch out here). I've been spending a lot of time out at shows or meeting with friends in regards to business with the record label and the Repercussions. It is time consuming, but it is bound to be rewarding in the long run. In the short run, it is keeping me occupied and making me not feel useless.

The Repercussions' long-awaited, debut EP "Don't Fear..." is now available in an honest-to-God shrinkwrapped, UPC-coded, fit for mass marketing CD format in regular plastic jewelcase. I'm currently working on securing distribution, but in the meantime, you will have plenty of opportunities to snag your very own copy of "Don't Fear..." along with some other specially-valued merchandise, including the limited-edition "Heather In Pleather" single mentioned here previously, as well as t-shirts in various colors and sizes, stickers, pins and thongs (!?!) for your pleasure.

Also, right now I am enjoying the spoils of a massive purchase that included the Norfolk & Western "Dusk In Cold Parlours" CD that I am currently enjoying. You know you've ordered a lot when they throw in 2 free CD samplers, 2 Indie Rock Trading Cards, and a free Strokes 7". This order increased my Guided By Voices vinyl collection by one LP and 3 7" singles. I stagger at the thought of how many 7" singles I now own by GBV...I'd count them for you, but my 7" collection is in my bedroom next door, but I think it is over or about 15. That is in addition to the 2 studio LPs, the 2xLP bootleg, the 3 CD box sets, and a cajillion random GBV full-length CDs, EPs, side projects and solo albums. My Sebadoh/Sentridoh collection pre-1997 Seattle Theft was hardly even comparable to the accumulation of sundry Bob Pollard projects I have acquired over the last ten or so years.

In other news, I spent the last two days bonding with my brother Matthew Scott, sitting on the couch and watching season two of "Dawson's Creek" on DVD. Damn them all for sucking me into their Dawson-ness. Grrr. I can no longer make fun of him and hold it over his head anymore. I enjoy the show too much, it seems. Simultaneously, I've been enjoying season 6 of "Friends," also. Seriously, the show got funnier every season. I can't believe it's almost over. Speaking of almost over, I think the last episode of "Ed" is airing tonight on NBC. It's been perhaps my favorite show for the past three years since I've been back on Long Island. I don't think I've missed a single episode since December of 2000. I related to incurable romantic Ed Stevens more than I'd care to admit, but if you know me, you know this. Hopefully, they will start putting out the DVDs after it is off the air. I never did see the first season, I think.

Anywho, it is after 6am. Time to close the popsicle stand for the time being.

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