Thursday, May 27, 2004

New computer

Hey kids thirsting for more J-Ro-ness (J-Rocity?) via the inernerd, how goes it? I am freakin' tired, but kinda relieved. I just got home from work and hour and a half ago, and I had to get the new computer up and running. The iMac kinda ate the rustcan, if you know what I mean. I'm gonna try putting a new HD in it (like a $40 jobby or something) for shits and giggles to see what happens. But I'm not gonna do that until I get all the stuff I need off of the firewire HD I have that everything is backed up on (except for, apparently, the latest bookmarks I had added to Safari..when I try to rescusitate the iMac, I will make a last attempt to get that info offa there before taking the old HD and launching it into the stratosphere (or donating it to the local "Computers for Kids" chapter (I just made that up, didn't I?))). I just parenthetated to the third power! That is a new record, even for me. Man, I love parentheses.

I am now typing my first blog on the brand spakin' new eMac I bought. I think this 'puter will be pretty freakin' sweet. The monitor is hüüüüüüüüüüüüge (well, 16" diagonal is huge to me), it has a CD-R/DVD-R superdrive (thank goodness i no longer will have to deal with that slot-loading bullshit...that was part of the problem with the iMac, and the cd drive lost the will to inhale and eject discs), and it even comes with Garageband on it. I am stoked to try that shiznit out. I'll be releasing a record of just computer generated crap. Woohoo!! It's like I'm starting a new life...a new computer, a cell phone...holy what the? Yep, J-Ro's cruising to the treadmill of the twenty-first century.

ok. time to sleep.

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