Friday, May 21, 2004


I decided to take time out of my crazy life to post today, since it is May 21st, and my last post was on the 12th. I like the whole backwards/forwards thing. I'm a nerd, so flip you. I'm not gonna apologize for being AWOL from my blogging duties, as I've been kinda mad busy lately. I worked 4 1/2 hours of OT wednesday night, which doesn't sound like a lot, unless you point out that a) I work nights from 7pm- 7am and this is the week where my only nights off are wednesday and thursday and b) as a result of the aforementioned schedule, I'm already supposed to work like 60 hours this week. Yucko. But, it was an emergency, as my buddy Ant had a medical emergency. He's feeling much better now.

I have to leave for work in less than hour. That blows. I am missing a 2-day Repercussions mini-tour tonight and tomorrow. That blows as well. But I will try to catch Imaginary Baseball League at the club formerly known as Luxx in Brooklyn (it's Trash now). That will be fun times, despite the skint-ness of certain compatriots preventing even more fun times. You should come out to see them, as they are travelling all the way from Tennessee. Come out and buy their new cd "Revive," because it is stellar.

Also, as a result of last Monday's NYC wanderings, I have decided to join the 21st century and get a cellular phone. I'll probably get it on Monday, since I'm due at work in an hour. Yeah, then maybe some of you punk-ass biotches will call me or something. I will note to Sergei's credit, that he at least calls me on alternate Monday nights to make sure I am going bowling. But now he won't call me on Monday because he already asked me if I was going. Dammit. Also, I just want someone to hear my goddamn answering machine message. I made a new one two weeks ago, and the only person who has heard it is my mom.

okay, gotta eat and run.

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