Saturday, August 30, 2003

I'm on Standby

It's kinda funny how I am off every other weekend, but never have plans on those weekends, but the weekends I have to work, everyone wants to make plans with me. Not that there is a dearth of things to do (well, only sort of, I guess...after all, it is Long Island), but sometimes I feel so dead that I don't wanna do exciting things. You all know how much I love going to shows and stuff, but lately, I haven't been so keen on going to see shows on my off-nights as much as I used to. I rarely get to just chill out with one or two of you guys or my friends who don't read this, and watch a movie or something. Or go bowling. It would be major fun to just have some people around to hang out and watch a marathon of Mr. Show on DVD or something (season three just came home with Matt last night), even Mystery Science Theater 3000 for those with longer attention spans. When I move next door, at least once a month, some of you bastards have to come over and watch DVDs with me. I mean it. Oh, and the weekend of the 12th and 13th, be available. Gonna have a little shindig for my 30th. The Mendoza Line and Elk City are playing Sin-é on the 13th (saturday night), so maybe some of us can go to that. So maybe Friday night should be my shindig. I might need help plannning it then. Or, maybe you should organize a surprise party for me on the 16th, when I will take off work for my birthday (well, I have to ask my supervisor still, but he better let me off). Just throwing ideas out there into the void...into the ha ha ha.

Had a fun Borders & crApplebees night last night with Will, Meg, Praveen, Mike, Shannon, Lane and others. Learned a synonym for the Taint (see Episode #406) while at Borders (I was the eager reference dork sent on the mission to discover the meaning of the word perenium. Perhaps I should post that to the Come Down messageboard to resuscitate the dormant Word of the Day thread). I then proceeded to not order a coffee there. Sergei just told me I was sick with crazy in my blood and should get to a hospital right away, as it is not like me to not order a coffee at Borders.

Bought some new music for the first time in a while. Just the act of shopping for music felt good. Usually I go into Borders and get a coffee and read or write (or just chat, if I'm with a friend), but I haven't really looked at the cds in a while. Just haven't been in the mood. But last night, I caught glimpse of a Felt reissue (import on Cherry Red Records) and got excited, like the big pretentious indie record nerd I am, and noticed another Felt reissue cd (they had both the first and second reissue cds...score!), and then I found a new Damien Jurado ep on a spanish label that contains a 764-HERO cover. Then I saw the sign for "Buy 4, Get the 5th Free" and couldn't say no. So I dug through the rack containing reissues of Cocteau Twins, Fugazi, Pixies, etc...and decided to pick up the Pixies at the BBC. I rounded it all off with the new Grandaddy cd, Sumday. I'm listening to it now, for the second spin in a row. I fucking love Grandaddy. While there, I had seen a cd by a band called Stephen Hero and was immediately curious. After all, it is on my list of favorite books, even though Cerrone thinks it makes me capital-P Pretentious, since it is the early draft of James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man. Read them both yourself, and tell me Stephen Hero isn't more engaging and interesting. I triple dog dare ya. However, I wasn't ready to buy a $15.99 cd with no information whatsoever. A sure sign of old age setting upon me...but I came home and checked the website, and discovered it is the new project of former Kitchens of Distinction singer/bassist Patrick Fitzgerald. And I just loved I downloaded some mp3s from his website, and will probably go buy the cd with my 10% off coupon. Go coupons!

Alright, i'm gonna make some last minute "Hey, ya wanna chill and watch a movie?" phone calls. Booyaka.

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