Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Well, it's almost 4am and I failed to post during the hours considered to be January 7th, but even so, here is my Tuesday night post. Had orientation for my new jobby job today. Basically filling out work forms, getting an ID badge and learning where the doors are. "I wanna go where the dooooors are/walk in and out of them as I please/where the dooors are/you have to go through that one on your knees..." Sorry, I spontaneously burst into song at random intervals. Yep.
Today was a good day. I do not know why. Witty IM banter with Kipes and Sergei, Destroyer of Teapots, as well as some unmitigated haiku buffoonery on the Come Down Message Board, coupled with a shining sun during waking hours must have had a chemical effect on my condition. So I used my Barnes & Noble Gift Card (thanks Paul!) tonight, getting "End Zone" by Don Delillo and the first JT Leroy book, which better be good. Of course, if I read it within 30 days and don't like it, I'll trade it in for another DeLillo novel.
And thank you to all my friends who have been way supportive of my attempts at writing a book. I thought only I was finding it amusing. I'm glad my friends are as deluded as I about my writing abilities. Boo ya!

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