Monday, January 06, 2003

Went to the station (WUSB 90.1 FM) today because Desirae was doing her first on-air shift ever, so I wanted to be helpful, supportive friend-type guy. It was cool. After the show, we went to Salsa Salsa to get some eats. Shrimp Fajita Super Burrito!!! Yummy! We ate it at Stephe's house. A grand old time. I was still humming the anthemic chorus nobody has heard yet. I got home at 9ish, only to find out I missed Matt & Anna by about ONE MINUTE! I will never get to see Repercussions UK practice. Dammit. Last time, they were all gone before 7pm. I figured I would have missed them by hours, but noooo. By a minute! Crap.
My day was made brighter, however, by Sergei, Destroyer of Teapots. He ruined his second teapot in two weeks by letting it boil until there was no water left. So I gave him that clever new nickname, and he went out and bought a new teapot, this time, one with a whistle feature. You know, the high-tech kind of teapot.

n.p. Electric Company - Greatest Hits

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